Sunday, 2 March 2014

Some London exhibitions 1st March 2014

As I haven't posted in a while and it's easier to do the following as a blog entry than a series of Facebook comments, here goes with a write-up of yesterday's day out in London, trying to catch up with some of the many interesting exhibitions on at the moment.

First I revisited Thames Barrier Gardens to see how it's changed since 2006 [pics], when it was much newer. The pagoda/whatever is being revamped and generally the place looking a bit tired.

I had a short wander round the Thames Path near East India DLR station and the 'New World' First Settlers Monument. Sadly there's was no time to go to Trinity Buoy Wharf - one for another time.

Next to Carscapes: How the Motor Car Reshaped England - an excellent mix of objects and photos.

As there was time before the Crossrail exhibition opened, I went to see David Lynch / William S Burroughs / Andy Warhol - the David Lynch ones were the best.

The Crossrail Archaeology exhibition was a follow-up to one last year and similarly impressive, especially the Roman finds.

Two Temple Place has a fascinating selection Discoveries: Art, Science & Exploration from the University of Cambridge Museums - sadly it's easier to see this lot here than go round the source museums. [IanVisits review]

Finally, Spitting Image: From Start to Finish was a joy - so many 'best bits'.

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