Monday, 5 July 2010

On joining the knife crime stats, 3-Jul-2010

Man with knife on train arrested:
    Source: Press Association. Published Date: 03 July 2010

    A man has been arrested after he was seen with a knife on a train, police said. Officers were called to the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) train shortly after 7am between Shadwell and Limehouse, east London.

    A British Transport Police (BTP) spokesman said: "At 0707, the BTP were made aware of reports of a disorderly male seen with a knife on board a DLR train between Shadwell and Limehouse.

    "Officers from the BTP and Metropolitan Police attended and at 0822 the male was detained by police.

    "A member of the public was injured during this process but these injuries are believed to be minor.

    "While this incident was taking place DLR and C2C services were suspended."

    Copyright © Press Association Ltd. 2010, All Rights Reserved.

I'd had an uneventful journey so far, 05:45 train to Kings Cross, Tube to Bank, and at 06:58 onto the middle car of the DLR to Woolwich. About 150 yards past Shadwell station the emergency stop button was pressed and we halted. The train guard came through from the front of the train to the rear.

Nothing happened for about 15 minutes - trains continued to pass - but looking back to the rear car it was clear the guard and a young man were 'in a situation' - the man had a long kitchen knife. The guard moved forward steadily, with the man following.

In the middle car the guard continued to do a great job of keeping the bloke (20ish) talking whilst moving gradually forward. The man was clear about staying 'within stabbing distance' though generally he rambled and was clearly under the influence of something. I was studiously avaiding the possibility of eye contact and I think all the passengers instinctively did something of the sort. The pair moved through to the front car.

About 07:35 the rear passenger doors opened and we started to de-train. There was a large group of DLR staff and police just behind the rear of the train and lots more on Shadwell station, where our names and addresses were taken.

The police suddenly decided that we should now leave the station and escorted us out, through sets of 'Police' tapes. As we left, a heavily tooled-up armed response unit arrived (machine guns, tear gas mortar...). There were 10 or so police vehicles in the street, the police helicopter was circling and even at that time in the morning a curious crowd beyond the tape barriers.

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